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Hiring and working with Allen at

Sinclair Dance Studios was our favorite part of wedding planning, and ultimately of our wedding! By far the most frequent compliment we receive about our wedding was how great our first dance was.

Working with Allen in private sessions allowed us to feel more comfortable with dancing and learning the new moves. We put an elaborate cha-cha together in 8 weeks and we still love to practice it even after the wedding! It is absolutely 100% worth the time and money, and your guests will love it!




We asked Allen to help us with the styling that was missing from our dancing after 30 years of lessons at a number of dance studios. He went right to work and the results are amazing. Dancing is a lot more than knowing the steps and Allen understands what separates the casual from the accomplished. While building the dancers' confidence, he hones the skills that set them apart. He's fun and engaging. Most of all, he knows his craft and knows how to teach. Great experience!



These two are amazing teachers.

This is who we took lessons with before our wedding. They made us feel so comfortable and we learned so much! If you have an occasion you are learning for, or you just want to take some lessons for a cool activity,

I highly recommend them!!! 


My wife and I took dance lessons with Christyn and Allen last year. Like so many others, we had never danced before but always wanted to learn. Yes, we both felt more than a bit of trepidation, but all of that vanished in the first few minutes of meeting this wonderful young couple. Kind, caring, funny, joyful, youthful people, they remain almost uncontrollably eager to share their love of dance with others. Their joy was (and still is) both comforting and contagious. Put simply, they make dance lessons a great deal of fun. And yes, to belabor the obvious, you do indeed learn to dance well.





We really enjoyed or dance lesson. Learned so much just in our first lesson. And we danced for the first time to our song it was pretty special.


The Sinclair Dance Studio is the place to go to learn how to dance for sure. 




Christyn and Allen are a beautiful couple. I took lessons from them to sharpen my dancing for long anticipate Trans Atlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2. There are a lot of very good dancers on the QM2 but their lessons had me ready to keep up with the best Cunard had to offer. An hour goes by very quickly when you are with teachers that love what they do. Since the cruise I have continued to "study" with them and enjoy every minute of it. You will not be disappointed with your decision to dance with Christyn and Allen.




Best dance instructors!



My fiance and I took lessons with my parents at Sinclair Dance Studio before our wedding this past Spring and we couldn't have been happier with the results.  Christyn and Allen were professional but still very personable and were very good at catering to the different skill levels and learning curves in our family.  They made sure that both our first dance and the father-daughter dance were beautiful and they helped us get comfortable and relaxed on the dance floor.  We highly recommend them for anyone who wants to be confident and graceful on their special day.



"Fantastic! We loved our time learning from Sinclair Dance Studio - everything is very professional while still being extremely fun and relaxed...neither of us would have ever considered ourselves "dancers" but we felt so comfortable and were made confidant that we can indeed dance!"



My husband and I have been taking dance classes with Christyn & Allan for more than the last 3 years. We're "older" dancers and didn't expect to have so much fun and get such good exercise. They are wonderful partners and instructors and know how to break dances down into learnable chunks. When we started, we had planned on taking lessons for 8 weeks... and we're still there 3+ years later. Our daughter and son-in-law took 2 classes with them before their wedding and felt very confident with the dance that Christyn and Allan helped them work out for their wedding. Love it!!



Radiant, splendid, and spectacular are some of the words to describe the Sinclair Dance Studio. Christyn and Allen are truly engaged with their students.

You will not be disappointed!



Awesome Dance Studio!   

Christyn was an awesome dance teacher! She was very patient, because I normally can't dance at all! She has packages that can range to just a couple of dance lessons to multiple dance lessons that teach you a whole choreographed dance. We took just four lessons, but it was totally worth it! Everyone at our wedding was surprised and complimented us on our first dance! I totally recommend Sinclair Dance Studio if you are looking for dance lessons!      



"My wife and I took lessons from Sinclair Dance Studio, and to my surprise, I completely enjoyed the learning experience as well as working with Christyn and her husband as they worked to teach us the Rumba. They are so patient and extremely helpful when something just isn't clicking, working with us individually until we understood. They are two of the nicest people, and amazing dancers themselves, making it easy to pick up on the steps and have a great time."

"Great Experience. The instruction was excellent and easy to follow. I had a blast and it is a great way to learn something new and have fun with very little pressure. 

Very good value."



I could not more highly recommend Sinclair Dance Studio. Between February 2011 and October 2012

I took lessons in everything from Salsa to Waltz and their flexibility and knowledge of a vast array of dancing styles is second to none.
Their specially catered private lessons are perfect for all skill levels from beginners (picture a giraffe on roller skates... that was me) to the seasoned competitive dancer and whether your goal is long or short term instruction you will leave having learned far more than you paid for.
Oh and did I mention they are a blast to

spend time with?


My fiance and I started our dance lessons in the Spring with Allen, to prepare for our wedding. Allen is one of the kindest, most patient people you could ask for when teaching a new skill (that does not come easy to us!) He took our ideas and reservations into consideration when we were constructing our dance. He would recommend moves based on how we felt as a couple and as dancers. He truly designs the lesson based off of the couple. We felt completely comfortable upon arriving and at ease and ready after our final lesson. We can't wait to showcase what we have learned. Thank you Allen!


My husband and I took dance lessons with Allen for our first dance. Neither of us are very comfortable on a dance floor so we went in with fairly low expectations but we were pleasantly surprised with how much we were able to learn in just a few lessons! Allen was really easy to work with and we loved the way our first dance turned out! I would definitely recommend working with Allen!



Allen was so great to work with. We went to him to learn a dance for our wedding. We learned way more than we thought possible in just 5 lessons. We went from never before formally dancing to impressing all our guests!


I was born in this world with no real dancing skills, but these two dance instructors changed that! They are the real deal, and they are the best in Illinois! It's a shame that I had to leave town for school, but I hope someday I can come back to them.

-J Daniel

Absolutely love the instructors and students at this studio! I moved here from another state, where I took ballroom dance lessons, and wanted to pick up where I left off when I came here. I not only believe I have improved, but after visiting my studio back home, my previous instructors were extremely impressed! I am so grateful for the privilege to be taught under such knowledgeable instructors.


Allen has been amazing!! We took 8 classes for my wedding father-daughter and bride-groom first dances. None of us have any experience with dancing, but with Allen's creativity, we ended with the most perfect choreographed dances! Allen was so patient with all of us and truly created something beautiful. We all had so much fun with each class. I would HIGHLY recommend Sinclair Dance Studio to anyone who needs to learn any type of dance!


Allen was so great to work with! It was clear he knows what he is doing and is great at teaching. He was able to take two awkward engineers and get us to look good dancing. Allen was very professional and timely to all our meetings. We did 5 lessons, the purpose was to learn a dance to our first dance song for our wedding. We could not be happier!









Christyn and Allen are the best! My dance partner and I just started taking lessons for fun and before we knew it we were hooked! We love the energy and the exercise and the excitement of learning a trade from two professionals who do it beautifully. They even helped us choreograph a stunning cha-cha for my wedding - people were off their chairs and cheering! I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to learn to dance or to just enjoy something unique and exciting. There are now even clubs in the Peoria area to try your skills out if you want! Thanks Christyn & Allen! You truly are THE BEST!!



Top rate instruction. They make it easy to learn and have fun at the same time. Highly recommended.



My husband and I decided to take dance lessons at Sinclair before our wedding for our first dance. We wanted something "unique" and we certainly got it! Our guests were floored by our routine. We liked it so much we have continued to take lessons to learn more dancing styles. If you are looking for something fun and relaxing, Sinclair is the place to go! Christy and Allen make the perfect pair to teach you to dance.

HIGHLY recommended!!!



Had a great time learning to dance from Christyn and her husband. They gave instructive teaching which lead to quick and exceptional results



My groom and I needed a few dance moves for our wedding, so I looked around Peoria and found these guys. I have to say -- We LOVE Sinclair Dance Studio! Chrisyn and Allen provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere and they are so helpful and patient with every new step we learn (or those we forget and need to polish!). Two thumbs up! :)

- Grace



Christyn is a phenomenal teacher and one of the sweetest people ever! She's careful to be sure that we understood the step before moving on to the next and we never felt rushed. Dancing can be a daunting thought, but Christyn and her husband make it completely comfortable and easy to learn. We can't wait for our next lessons with these two!!



My husband gave me the awesome present of six private dance lessons at Sinclair Studios. Neither of us had ever danced before - but Christyn and Allen made us so comfortable, and made dancing so much fun, that we ended up continuing to take dance lessons every week for 8 months - finishing up by competing in our first amateur ballroom dance competition! It was an amazing experience, and something we never would have even guessed we be able to do - Thank you Sinclair! I would recommend Sinclair to anyone, Christyn and Allen have an enthusiasm and a love of what they do that is totally contagious and that would make anyone love to dance.



Christyn and Allen are top notch instructors! They don't just teach you, they engage you and help you understand the big picture, rather than just the details of a particular dance. You feel warm, welcome, and more confident after just one lesson.


Christyn and Allen Eskridge are great teachers, and I really enjoyed my time with them. They have a gift for being able to take a step or dance and break it down and make it simple and easy to understand. They do a great job of catching potential problems and correcting them right away so that you don't have to fix them after they've become bad habits farther down the road. Not only do Christyn and Allen do a great job covering the basic steps and giving you an overview of the dance if you don't have any prior dance experience, but they also have the skill and expertise to teach advanced students and get into the detail of the dance as well. I had a great time and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn to dance for any occasion.



Christyn and Allen are awesome! They helped my wife and I choreograph a special Rumba dance for our wedding and the guests were blown away! We loved the experience so much, we are trying out other dance styles. It is a great workout and a lot of fun to do with your significant other. I highly recommend you stop in for a lesson!



Christyn Eskridge is a superb dance instructor. I greatly enjoyed the lessons I was able to take with her, and if she were in the area I would still be taking lessons. She has the ability to pinpoint exactly what you need to work on to make your dancing look amazing, elegant, and graceful. She is wonderful at explaining the basic steps of a dance, and can also go deeper into the dance, teaching the technical details necessary for competition. She is a flexible teacher who is willing to structure her lessons around whatever the student needs – competition level, choreography for a showcase, general social dancing, you name it, she is able and willing to work with you on it. I enjoyed my lessons with her and highly recommend her as an instructor.

-Jenna (in GA)

Do you wanna dance? This is great place to learn! You may start lessons to learn how to dance for a special event and continue to learn and develop for fun for yourself and your dance partner!


My husband and I planned our wedding in 3 months since he was going to be leaving for the Military.

Sinclair Dance studio made the time to get us in with several sessions so we could have a nice dance at our wedding.

They are very flexable with thier schedule. They worked with us on our song and we had a wonderful first dance.

Something people could actually watch us dance instead of just standing there and hugging each other. It was great!!


We found Sinclair Dance Studio to exceed our expectations. We came to Allen and Christyn to learn some basic dance steps and found so much more! They are treasures in every regard. We are having such fun we keep scheduling more lessons. Now we can Rumba and do the Cha-Cha!



100% would recommend. We learned a dance for our first dance at our wedding. Allen did a fantastic job with our song. He was super nice and made it so fun. My husband even want to continue the lessons (which is saying a lot lol). We learned so much and everyone loved our dance and thought it looked great.


Fabulous opportunity for us to learn from someone so experienced with so much patience with our group of amateurs. Very enjoyable.


We took one lesson in November about a week before our wedding, and it helped us so much and really prepared us! Everyone said our first dance reminded them of something out of Gone With The Wind, even though our song was by a 90s boy band :P     

5 stars and well worth the money!


We cannot say enough wonderful things about Sinclair Dance Studio and its owners, Allen and Christyn. My husband was afraid that he might "embarrass" our daughter on her wedding day, so we enlisted Allen's help to prepare him for the father-daughter dance. What my spouse imagined would be an unpleasant, but necessary, dance tutorial turned out to be a fun, relaxing, confidence-building journey. Allen's patience, encouragement, and quiet professionalism, coupled with his dancing skills and knowledge provide a foundation for success, regardless of the student's level of ability. After just a few one-hour lessons, the bride and her dad were able to relax and enjoy their special dance to an old Sinatra favorite....and they nailed it! As an added bonus, after 36 years of marriage, I have finally acquired a lifelong dance partner.........Many thanks, Allen and Christyn!



Prior to working with Sinclair Dance Studio, I was never taught how to dance (unless you count some loosely-defined square dancing in middle school). Tired of not being able to confidently move on the dance floor at weddings and social settings, I decided I wanted to get some formal training and take a few dance lessons. When I called to schedule the first lesson, Allen was warm and extremely helpful; going so far as re-arranging his schedule to accommodate mine. At the first lesson, he took the time to thoroughly explain the different styles of dancing that he taught as well as the social settings where they would be most appropriate to dance. We then discussed my goals for dancing and how many lessons I wanted to sign up for (at the time I thought I only wanted four), so that we could spend our time wisely. At no time did I feel pressure to sign up for more lessons than I originally wanted. It was clear that Allen was genuinely interested in helping me get as close to where I wanted to be in the time-frame of my choice.
Deciding I wanted to learn Rumba, we were able to cover the basics and a couple steps in the first lesson. Allen did a great job of breaking everything down into manageable bits in a way that was fun and exciting to learn. He listened to my questions and observed where I was struggling, providing me with detailed instruction on how I could improve (not just giving me a "cookie cutter" lesson). By the end of the fourth lesson, I could perform several Bronze-Level Rumba steps.
Not only that, but I noticed my confidence had increased, I was standing up straighter, and I could finally hear the rhythm in songs (something I had struggled with for a long time). I found out that when I danced, all my outside worries would melt away and I could focus on what I was doing.
I enjoyed working with Christyn and Allen at Sinclair Dance Studio so much that I've continued to take lessons and have learned new styles of dance including Cha-Cha and Waltz. Christyn and Allen are so fun, supportive, and passionate about what they do. Working with them is the highlight of my week.
I would highly recommend Sinclair Dance Studio to anyone who is serious about wanting to learn how to dance. Their professional and individualized instruction made it easy and fun to learn. Working with them has been such an amazing and transformational experience in my life.


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