COVID-19 Precautions


For in-person lessons the Instructor and/or TA will be observing strict social distancing for couples, wearing masks, utilizing the extremely large space of our Lake Ave. location and disinfecting. Lessons are limited to 10 people including instructors.

In addition our floor facility has requested all students wear masks at all times when in the building. If you are unable for any reason please let us know and we will happily make alternative arrangements, but for those using our Lake Ave. location please respect their wishes.


For singles needing partnering by an Instructor or TA, arrangements will be made individually. Note: singles also do not have to partner in order to learn efficiently, our instructors are extremely experienced and adept in separate singles work.


*Outdoor & Virtual Lessons*

If you would like your lessons outdoors we have a large smoothly-paved surface available, with the indoor space adjacent if the weather turns.

For those who prefer virtual lessons, we are offering those over multiple platforms for your convenience.

We are happy to adapt to anyones needs in this area, if you have a concern or particular arrangement necessary, do not hesitate to contact us.

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